Who is the Mexican who has the rights to Lamborghini

The Mexican businessman Jorge Antonio Fernández García acquired the rights to the Lamborghini brand for Latin America in 1995.

Jorge Antonio Fernández García, better known as Joan Ferci, is a businessman who has headed Lamborghini Latin America since 1995, when he acquired part of the rights to the brand for this region and who promises to manufacture electric supercars made in Mexico.

This situation represents an uncomfortable situation for Volkswagen Group and Audi AG, which are the owners of the brand globally.

It all began in the late 1970s, when Lamborghini went bankrupt and, after going through different owners, was acquired in 1987 by the American Chrysler group in 1987.

However, sales continued in crisis, with a drop from 673 cars sold in 1991 to only 166 sold in 1992, so in 1994 Chrysler got rid of the company by selling it to the Malaysia-based MegaTech company.

A year later, the Mexican businessman who had worked as a supplier of electronic equipment for Chrysler contacted MegaTech from whom he bought the rights to become an importer of the brand, thus giving birth to the company Lamborghini Latin America.

In the 90s, only cars manufactured or assembled in the country could be sold in Mexico, so he proposed assembling Lamborghini cars in Mexico.

Ferci assured the publication Autoblog.ar that he assembled 23 Diablos, of which 20 were exported to the United States and three to Italy.

The license would be valid for 99 years and gave rise to the company Automóviles Lamborghini Latinoamérica S.A. of C.V.

Among the rights acquired by Ferci was the manufacture of cars under the Lamborghini brand, the possibility of carrying out redesigns of the brand within Mexico and Latin America.
Thus was born the Lamborghini Coatl, which was known as the first Latin American Lamborghini, of which three cars were built and sold in Belgium, Germany and Argentina, the latter in the hands of Ferci himself.

In addition, the Lamborghini Latin America company manufactures and distributes luxury accessories and clothing under the Lamborghini brand.

Through the Automobiles Lamborghini Latin America website you can see the catalog of accessories developed with the Italian brand.

The publication Motorpasión México revealed that Lamborghini Latin America now has plans to develop electric SUVs in Mexico.

However, the Volkswagen Group purchased the Lamborghini brand in 1998 to be managed by its subsidiary Audi AG.

The German group, which is unaware of the contract held by Fauci, has managed to clean up Lamborghini’s finances and its global Lamborghini plans continue to be the manufacture of super sports and exclusive cars.

Audi, as part of the Volkswagen Group, has achieved increases of up to 43 percent annually in sales, with spectacular cars such as the Huracán, Aventador and the Urus.

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